The Genesis!!

Today is Day1 of my blogging.I can’t tell you how excited I am.Let me first introduce myself to you.I’m Krishnapriya-an HR by profession and passion.Being an HR was not what I always wanted in life.I would say I was drawn into HR by chance,but once I was into it ,I never enjoyed my proessional life more than this.They say choose a job that you love and you will never have to work in life again and I’m the testimony of that.

I started my career as a software engineer in India’s largest IT consulting company, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd(TCS),Chennai,India.I had my graduation in electronics engineering and when I joined TCS itself as a computer programmer,I knew that I don’t fit into this world of computers without any human touch.I did not quit immediately due to personal reasons,but kept on looking for something that would really challenge the person I am and would make me happy.It was then I came across an opportunity in Learning & Development and that was it.I realized that this is my true passion and I should pursue this.I went on and pursued my Masters in Human Resource Management from one of the most prestigious institutes in India,Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),Kharagpur.(For those of you who don’t know IIT Kharagpur ,it is the first IIT in India and is the alma matter of many giants like Sundar Pichai(CEO,Google),Arun Sain(Ex CEO Vodafone),Vinod Gupta(Founder of Infogroup),Mani Bhaumik(Inventor of LASIK),Arvind Kejriwal(Delhi Chief Minister and founder of Aam Admi Party,India) -to name a few of them).Those two years in IIT polished the person I am and my HR skills.I graduated with the Institute Medal and the Sri Jagarnnath Memorial Award for the best student scoring the highest CGPA.Post my Masters I joined HCL Technolgies Ltd as a Senior Management Trainee in HR and worked mainly in Compensation & Benefits operations team.While in HCL,I did multiple projects in recruitment,L&D,Strategy,Line HR,performance management,global mobility etc to name a few.

So the above was part 1 of my career so far.Now comes part 2.By the end of 2014,my husband moved to Minneapolis, US on work and I joined him in January 2015,leaving my job.That was one of the biggest decisions I have taken in my life.To let myself be torn apart from the comforts and independence of having a high paying corporate job to a life of uncertainities.When I was flying to US,I knew that the road ahead was not going to be easy for me.As expected the days were filled with emptiness  and self doubt and I kept on looking for options. In a couple of months time,I was lucky enough to find a volunteering oppurtunity at a commuity organization as an HR consultant;but I was not yet satsified as the work did not take much of time.It was then I decided to go for PHR.Let me tell you it was one of the most fullfilling experience of my life.The  commitment I had put in for the exam paid off well during the exam and I passed it with higher than average score in all areas of BoK.

After the exam ,I again felt so empty ,not knowing what to do.My fellow HRs who are prepring for PHR and other similar HR certfications connected with me on FB to ask about my study plan and tips to pass the exam.This thought struck to me then that I have plenty of notes thatI prepared myself for the exam.Why can’t  I use them for helping others to clear the exam handsdown.I would say the main purpose of my blog would be that and let’s see how it would shape in the coming days.

So friends,here at TheArdentHR you can go through my thoughts on any HR/management or workplace related topics and may be a few topics off the road ,just  for fun.As you know,all work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy;me too. :)I would love to hear from you too and would love to help you in the best possible way I can based on my knowledege and experience in HR and management.

Hoping for a fulfilling journey of learning and sharing with you.




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